When learning a second language many students feel uncomfortable attempting or producing speech (Speaking Skill). This is due khổng lồ a number of variables, most notably the fear of making mistakes in pronunciation, and limitations of vocabulary.

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Warm-up Activities for Teaching Children in ESL Class

Within the TESOL classroom there must be an open, fun and comfortable atmosphere where students bởi vì not fear making mistakes and can freely communicate. Warm-ups are an effective way khổng lồ help students relax và to prepare them for high levels of participation in the activities lớn be held later in the class.
Warm-up activities can be a game, a tuy nhiên, a competition, or a quiz in which the language that the students have learned is used(focusing on listening và speaking). We can use warm-up activities to reviews the old lessons and lead the students in the new lesson.

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My name Is ...

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1. Ask your students to lớn size a circle or circles)2. Throw a ball khổng lồ one of the students in the circle try and choose one of the better English speakers) saying, "My name is ….”3. Indicate to lớn the student that you would lượt thích them to lớn throw the ball back to you saying "My name is ...."4. Once this has been modeled successfully ask the students lớn throw the ball at random around the circle saying, "My name is ...“Why is this a good ice-breaker for Beginners?
Guess the giftDescription: Ask students to lớn jot down a brief mô tả tìm kiếm of a gift they would lượt thích to lớn receive. Descriptions must be detailed enough so that the object can be guessed but not so detailed that it is too obvious.Procedure: Explain to lớn students that they have sầu 2-3 minutes in which khổng lồ jot down a brief mô tả tìm kiếm of a gift they would like to lớn receive sầu. Descriptions should cover:• Physical mô tả tìm kiếm i.e. kích thước, shape. và colour• Purpose i.e. functions, capabilities, và usageEach student should st& in turn and read their descriptions lớn the class for the class lớn guess.Why is this a good ice-breaker for Intermediate students?
Tell me about yourself1. Ask your students lớn khung pairs & give sầu them a các mục of questions to lớn ask each other.2. Alternatively you could ask your students to lớn write their own questions.3. Tell your students that once they have interviewed each other one pair will be selected at random lớn report their findings lớn the whole class.Tell me about yourself questionnaire1. What is your name?2. Where vì chưng you live?3. What bởi you do?4. What are your interests?5. Why are you here?6. Do you ever hope to lớn live sầu overseas? If so, where?Now biến hóa two questions of your own.7. ………………………………………………………………….8. ………………………………………………………………….
Vary activitiesUse plenty of gamesUse flashcards to lớn teach new vocabulary (sight word recognition)Use humourBe flexiblePace the activitiesBe patientUnderst& not all children of the same age will have sầu the same cognitive sầu abilitiesKeep children active; running, jumping, playing and making things.Use art & craftsDecorate the classroomGive sầu rewardsGive sầu recognition of achievement and effortPraise regularlyUse team workTeach by example
Give the adult learners a lot of choices & control.Adult learners bring a lot of life knowledge and experience with them to lớn class. Let them nội dung this knowledge và experience in the class.Be careful with criticism with adults. Adults tend khổng lồ take errors personally.Adults like low-risk activities at the beginning.Adults want khổng lồ spkết thúc their class-time wisely.Adults learn best in a positive sầu và relaxed classroom climate.Adults lượt thích lots of examples khổng lồ be provided.Adults lượt thích lớn have sầu fun as much as children bởi vì.Adults need to be physically active while in the classroom, just as children vị.Adults lượt thích khổng lồ be praised.Adults can store approximately 7 items/units in their short-term memory at one time. This means teach smaller chunks of information at a time, then move on to lớn other information; rather than teach a lot of information all at one time.Adults learn from discussing with others.Adults need time lớn reflect on new information.Adults like clear instructions and explanations.Adults need time to practice & correct errors.Adults need to be able khổng lồ ask questions.Adults want to lớn celebrate their success.

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