Tam Coc literally means three grottos located in Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninc Binh Province.

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In the North of Vietnam giới, Tam Coc, a beautiful natural setting in Ninc Binh province known as the Halong Bay on l& we have very near Hanoi. It is located about 90 kilometers south of Hanoi in Ninch Binh province (trang chủ of the Tran dynasty) và 7 kilometres khổng lồ the West of the đô thị of Ninh Binh.


Tam Coc Rice Field


Tam Coc which means 3 caves ( Cave in Vietnamese is “Hang”) is a zone of Vietnam that elapses between rice paddies, bathed by the Ngo Dong River punctuated by karstic rock formations và limestone caves.

The rochồng formations, caves, water & landscape have made Tam Coc to lớn know popularly as La Halong Bay on land or between rice paddies Halong Bay. More accessible than her older sister, Halong Bay, Tam Coc which squanders spectacular landscapes và exoticism, bởi vì not get khổng lồ seize the throne of the major tourist attraction of Vietnam giới for travelers.

Hang Ca.

Hang Ca is the first cave and the largest of the 3, with 127 meters long và an entry of trăng tròn meters wide, & a height of 2 meters. Their roofs reminiscent of a desert planet's surface.

Hang Giua

The second cave sầu (also called Hang Hai), distant cave Hang Ca 1 kilometer. Hang Giua has a length of 70 meters and find multitude of estalagtitas on their roofs.

Hang Cuoi.

The third và final cave, the Hang Cuoi (Hang Ba), is the smallest of the 3 with 45 meters in length.


Tam Coc Panoramic View


In all seasons in one year you totally can plan your time to lớn explore Tam Coc cave sầu và Tam Coc river. But the prettiest period of time is in the spring from January to lớn April in Viet Nam, this time will be preferred because of the comfortable weather and fresh air.

Another Best Time lớn Visit Tam Coc is from May khổng lồ July when all Tam Coc rice fields are in harvest season. The beauty of Tam Coc now looks like a young lady’s long, soft, bright và yellow hair. The other is the harvest time of wet rice ranging from September khổng lồ October.

Besides enjoying the view full of the yellow color of ripe rice fields in Tam Coc Bich Dong Complex, tourists can also seek a chance to watch the fabulous forest of lotus in here.

It can be said that lotus and waterlily are omnipresent in every part of Ninch Binh, especially in Tam Coc Grotto lớn. Floating along the stream to lớn Tam Coc Grotlớn, tourists seem khổng lồ turn bachồng the significant history of Le Dynasty.

Best time lớn visit Tam Coc – Bich Dong lớn watch lotus is June, in which the perfume of lotus flowers pervades the surrounding air. For lovers of flower, it’s the best time khổng lồ enjoy the flavor of lotus & involve sầu in the natural beauty of this mountainous regions.

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Best Time To Visit Tam Coc


By Shuttle bus

It gets easier for you lớn buy a bus ticket from Travel Agency in Hanoi or get one from your hotel. If you just use the shuttle bus to transfer khổng lồ Ninch Binch then spending 1 day or few days you can buy 1 way tichồng or 2 ways tickets. In case you book a day trip Hoa Lu Tam Coc Mua Cave Tour the price includes transportation

By local bus

Some visitors are interested in experiencing as a local khổng lồ save sầu their cost for transportation a bit. So it is possible for you khổng lồ catch a bus from Ha Noi khổng lồ Ninch Binh province. You can go lớn Giap Bat bus station and find many bus companies with route to Ninh Binch.

But, they will not drop you off in Tam Coc directly but stop at Ninch Binc bus station. From there you should take a cab lớn go to lớn Tam Coc with the cost is not much expensive sầu than motorxe đạp. This way is not highly recommended for you because it’s complicated or you may receive poor service from public transportation.

You may read more this post to get more useful about Bus from Hanoi khổng lồ Ninch Binh

By train

Everyday there are some train from Ha Noi lớn Ninch Binc station. The earliest one usually starts at 6:00 am. One day in advance you should buy your train ticket at Ha Noi station

From Ha Long thành phố – 5 Hours

If you are looking a answer for question : How to get from Halong Bay khổng lồ Ninch Binc. It’s lớn easy. After finishing your trip in Ha Long cất cánh or Bai Tu Long bay with cruises you want to lớn go ahead to lớn Ninh Binch. Hiring a private oto from Halong lớn Ninc Binch if your group is big is a good choice with reasonable price. The cost roundly 120USD/Car/Way

Another way is Local bus From Halong City lớn Ninh Binh Province. You can by the ticket at Halong bus station. They have 2 times : 06.00am và 12.00am. The cost from 1trăng tròn.000VND. But this will take longer time than Toursit Bus, because they stop many times to lớn get more customer. When you are in Ninc Binc, take a taxi to lớn Tam Coc wharf directly. It takes about đôi mươi minutes from center to Tam Coc.

Here is a danh mục of Hanoi Travel Agency which you can come to check and get a bus ticket to lớn Ninc Binh from Hanoi:

Travel guidelines in Tam Coc Ninc Binh:

Tam Coc accommodation

Since the distance between Hanoi và Ninh Binh is quite short, it is easy to take Tam Coc day trip. However, if you want to lớn stay overnight in Tam Coc there are also many hotels or homestays for you to choose.

Here are some clean & comfort hotels, homestays with many good reviews: Queen hotel, Chez Loan khách sạn, Ngoc Anh khách sạn, Tam Coc rice fields resort, Tam Coc garden homestay, the Reed hotel, the Vancouver hotel…

You can book it online on Agoda, Booking, Expedia.. It will help you get best accommodation in Tam Coc và it’s a easy way then you arrive sầu Tam Coc & looking by yourself

Nearby attractions

Besides, when visiting Tam Coc, you can visit other nearby attractions such as:

Bich Dong Pagoda: Known as “ The second most beautiful cave”, Bich Dong Pagodomain authority is the second beautiful cave of the Southern area after Huong Tich cave in Ha Tay.

Mua Cave: Far from Tam Coc about 3 kilometers, you only walk out 486 rocky steps to lớn reach the top và enjoy the whole beauty of Tam Coc with rice paddy fields or Ninch Binc Province. The entrance ticket is 100.000 VND/person & the transfer time is at least 2 hours.

More information, you can take a look here:

Thung Nam Bird Garden: is also a great attraction of Ninc Binh. Thung Ntê mê has been extensively exploited for tourism purposes because of its diversified landscapes including accomodation , restaurants, recreation and teambuilding areas.

Viet Co Village: Also called Co Vien Lau, this place will bring tourists the tranquil & peaceful atmosphere of Vietnam in the 18th and 20th century.

What To Eat in Tam Coc

On the way to lớn visit Tam Coc, you certainly don’t want lớn miss a chance for trying some specialties Ninh Binh. Here are two main products you should try:

Meat goat: This dish is extremely nutritious and delicious because the goats live on the mountainside. They usually eat the leaves growing on the mountain.

Crispy rice: Special flavor

Ninc Binc snails: Snails are in all regions of Ninch Binh but concentrate most in limestone areas lượt thích Tam Diep, Yen Mo & Nho Quan, Hoa Lu. The meat is tough, brittle and flavored. Snails can be made into lớn various dishes, namely roasted snails, fried snails và boiled snails.

A tip for Tam Coc Tour Itinerary

Take a Boat Tour is the only way for you to explore Tam Coc. Whilst visiting Tam Coc, you should discuss with the local boatman, if you want lớn stop somewhere for taking photos, find out some panoramic views or climb Bich Dong pagoda…

With a lot of experiences boat riders know where lớn stop & find best places for you to climb the cliffs. Mostly local people know how lớn speak English otherwise you should company with a local guide.

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In the summer, Tam Coc often suffers from heavy rain so start early when visiting Tam Coc. Therefore, when you come lớn Tam Coc, the weather is still sunny and cool and you can avoid heavy rain in the afternoon.

The provided information above sầu is enough for you to lớn prepare for a trip to lớn Tam Coc Ninc Binh. If you need any further tư vấn, feel miễn phí to lớn contact us. We are always be here to lớn assist your special vacation in Viet Nam as well as in Tam Coc Ninh Binh!