Clash Of Clans: Here'S When The Autumn 2022 Update Could Release


A recent tweet from the official Clash of Clans Twitter handle has just come up with the biggest update reveal of October 2022. Fans were earlier introduced to the update regarding the Barrack changes và many others. However, a new Town Hall 15 update is also confirmed in this CoC October 2022 update.

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The tweet mentioned that this ongoing Town Hall 14 challenge is the last one for the Clash of Clans players, thus indicating a new upcoming update including Town hall 15 và good news for the fans.

In our upcoming October update we will remove extra Barracks và Dark Barracks buildings và only keep one of each! Take a look at the changes coming khổng lồ the Barracks system:

— Clash of Clans (

Recently, detailed information regarding the Barracks changes was uploaded khổng lồ the official Clash of Clans website. It mentioned that after the update, there will be no extra Barracks & Dark Barracks placed on the base. The highest cấp độ Barrack will only be kept in the players’ base. The production Barracks will continue the production of spells và troops even when they are under construction.

The only thing is these Barracks will produce at a tốc độ of một nửa compared to lớn the normal production time. The time taken to lớn train the troops in four Barracks and two Dark Barracks will remain the same if the player trains its troops from one Barrack & one Dark Barrack.

Clash of Clans confirms the arrival of Town Hall 15 with the October 2022 update

So the speculations are true. As usual, with the Hammar Jam event, the Clash of Clans Town Hall 15 update is also announced by Supercell. In the Tweet thread, Supercell has mentioned, “While Town Hall 15 does not have a unique signature defensive weapon, its Giga Inferno can be upgraded several times lớn make it even more powerful than before.”

✨ Magic is in the air… Get ready for TOWN HALL 15! ✨

— Clash of Clans (

Earlier last month, Town Hall 15 was also announced lớn be coming this year through an official video clip “Clash through the years” released by the Clash of Clans officials. Và now it is finally confirmed.

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Town Hall 15 arrives with new Defense buildings

Spell Tower

Clash of Clans October 2022 update introduces two brand-new and unique Defense buildings, namely the Spell Tower & the Monolith. The Spell Tower comes loaded with the familiar Spells from the Laboratory. You can choose which spell your Spell Tower will cast to defend your Town Hall as it gains more spell power nguồn as it levels up.

Image via Reddit

Due to lớn her excessive housing space, only a maximum of 10 Electro Titans can be filled in the max Army space including another (11th) in the Clan Castle. Being a ground troop, she draws comparisons from her female electro compatriot the PEKKA. It is yet to be seen whether a full army camp of Electro Titans can be as fruitful as the PEKKAs.

According to lớn the Electro Titan’s troop description, she is a formidable force on the battlefield. She can channel some of her magic into a powerful electro-whip while the rest of her magic spills out to lớn damage everything around her.

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Are you excited as Supercell hints at Town Hall 15 in the Clash of Clans October 2022 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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