Try Not To Laugh Challenge


The Try not lớn laugh challenge is a viral internet game that involves contestants watching funny videos without laughing or grinning.

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In the era of memes, 9gag & applications like Vine, Dubsmash và other hilarious social truyền thông media platforms, the Try not khổng lồ laugh or grin challenge is the perfect viral challenge to lớn try with your loved ones.


The Rules of Try Not To Laugh Challenge?

The rule of the Try Not To Laugh Challenge is simple:

Watch a funny videoDo not laugh, grin, or chuckle. If you vày, then you lose!Also, you can set a punishment for anyone that laughs or grin.

Try Not To Laugh Challenge: Type of Videos

The types of videos you can use for this challenge ranges from a prank videos compilations, funny vines, and any other funny video a person cannot resist!

Rethành viên, What makes me laugh, might be boring to you. So ensure you select a đoạn Clip your opponent cannot resist laughing at.

Generally, I have sầu found that most people cannot watch the following types of videos without a grin or burst into lớn laughter.

Prank Videos

For pranks, as long as it isn’t happening lớn you, embarrassment and awkward situations are rib-cracklingly hilarious. Most prank videos feature slapstiông chồng humor – the type of humor that involves physical pain.

Slapstiông chồng humor compilations can make the try not to laugh challenge impossible because there is something hilarious about watching people fall for pranks.

Impression Videos

Usually, involves someone making ridiculous impressions on camera. They exaggerate facial expressions, change their voices depending on the scenargame ios they portray. They shift from a very low voice khổng lồ a voice as shrill as that of a girl’s just for a dramatic effect, and usually, the background music & funny accents make it more entertaining.

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Cute Videos

Rethành viên, the hey charlie bit me video? These kind of videos that capture cute animal or baby moments are usually too irresistible. The other person is bound lớn laugh or grin. For example, videos featuring pets! Who doesn’t want lớn watch pets acting all fluffy, funny & cute right? Pet lovers beware! You may not be able khổng lồ resist the cuteness of these videos.

Best Try Not khổng lồ Laugh Challenge Videos

Surely, you vì not want your opponent to lớn win, so I have compiled a list of impossible Try Not lớn Laugh Challenge Videos. Let’s see how well you can hold your laughter.

5. Try not to lớn laugh with KPop stars!

Since K-pop is popular around the globe, there are some video clip compilations of them that will make it impossible for a bạn not to lớn laugh. K-pop idols have sầu their individual reality shows where they just exhibit the idols’ day to lớn day activities. Not only that, but they also have their v-lives where they prepare things lượt thích role plays to lớn make it fun and exciting for the fans. Well, apparently cross-dressing is a thing too!

Rethành viên, you can select a compilation of your opponent’s favorite celebrities, it will be harder for them not lớn laugh or grin.

4. Funniest Christian DelGrosso Vine Compilation

And the funniest ones are those that are relatable. So here is a Vine compilation by Christian Delgrosso, try not to laugh or grin:

3. Crazy TV Slapstick Stunt

So the challenge is practically how you manage lớn control yourself not khổng lồ burst out laughing và how you hold bachồng the lines of your mouth from curling inlớn a grin.

2. Ultimate Try Not to lớn Laugh or Grin

Rethành viên how I said it almost impossible not khổng lồ laugh at dễ thương kid moments. Here is a xinh tươi video clip for your next Try Not To Laugh Challenge:

1. Try not to laugh or grin – Hardest Version

This video clip is regarded as the impossible try not to laugh challenge video. Maybe we just over exaggerate stuff, watch & make sure you don’t laugh or grin.

So, are you ready to play this game now?

The Try Not khổng lồ Laugh challenge is open to lớn people of all ages, which means you can take the challenge with anyone: friends, co-worker, classmates, & even your mom. It works for everyone except those who are faint hearted or people who don’t enjoy laughing.

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It works for everyone except those who are faint hearted or people who don’t enjoy laughing.

So stay away if you are one of those people!

With that being said, what videos bởi vì you think are the hardest to watch without laughing or grinning?