Let'S Play The Witcher 3

This game is absolutely incredible but it does have quite a bit of gore in it. It’s in third person so it’s not as severe as a game like Doom but it’s still fairly gory. I personally don’t think much about sex, but I know most parents do so I’m including this here. Any mature teenager can probably handle this game. It’s not like they don’t know that these things exist or haven’t seen them. And let’s be real, if you’ve been on the internet you’ve almost definitely seen pornography. This game does have some good role models and is one of the best games my daughter and I have ever played. If your child or in this case teen is mature, then they can almost definitely handle this game.

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Albert W.
Good game My kids love it and I think everyone should be able to experience this fantastic game! It has gore filters in case you are offended by those types of things
One of the greatest games of all time, not particularly violent or vulgar and has violence can be avoided with filters and dialogue options
Howard J.

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Does not deserve 18+ rating. The game is not particularly violent as the player can"t see much of the onscreen violence due to the 3rd person perspective. Swearing is there but nothing that kids haven"t already heard. Bought for my 12 year old son and he loved it! Couldn"t recommend more!
Why is this game a PEGI 18 or M rated for you Americans.Everyone is really over exaggerating about the violence and sexual content. Any child over the age of 10 should be allowed to play this because I’ve spent 100 hours playing and they can skip the cutscenes. It’s not as bad as people say it is
Common Sense Media Overexaggerates, The Witcher 3 is absolutely suitable for a 12yr-13yr old, all of the sex is optional and can be skipped and the Violence is very awesome, Grealt of Rivia is a very good role model he helps people who are in need or desperate. My son says its the best Medieval RPG game he has ever played, the only reason I purchased The Witcher 3 on Steam to my son who was 12 is because the sex is optional and can be skipped, he is playing The Witcher 3 more often he is 13 right now.

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First off, I would like to say that this game is not nearly as bad as the Common Sense Media review would have you believe. Early teenagers can definitely handle this game, and despite what parents would like to believe, they’ve probably seen worse. First off, violence. I find in most reviews, gore is often greatly exaggerated. In truth, even in the bloodiest games (which this does not even fall under) the “gore” is some red splashes, and little more. The Witcher is comparable to Skyrim in this sense, and unless your child was extremely sheltered from violence for all their life or feel sick at the sight of blood, they will be fine! In fact, you’re probably more scared or uncomfortable at the sight of blood than they are. Most teens are not fragile, and you treating them as such will only irritate and insult them.Secondly, sex and nudity. Again, many parents might underestimate their child’s ability to handle this. But let’s be honest - if they really want to see nudity and sex, they will, and no parental restrictions or stern lectures will stop them. With the internet and the increasing virtual connectivity in our society, they will find it, and you will likely never know. Hell, if they’re above the age of 15 or 16, they’re statistically probably not even a virgin. So trust your kids. If you tell them they’re not allowed to play the game because of this or if you try and disable cutscenes, it’ll only make them more determined and curious, and I can guarantee, you won’t win that battle. Besides, the nudity and suggestiveness in the Witcher is fairly light anyway, with the extent of it being the occasional breast or butt, along with a bit of suggestive moaning.Thirdly, language and drinking. As far as language goes, the Witcher doesn’t have anything a kid might not hear at school, using a fair bit of f**k, s**t, and the rare (though more offensive) c**t. While it’s hardly tame, again, they have probably heard it all before (maybe even from you!) so it shouldn’t be too bad. Where drinking is concerned, the Witcher is quite heavy on it in some parts, but that should only be a problem for you if alcohol is treated as a “forbidden fruit” at your table. If kids are curious, let them have a little to taste. Chances are, they’ll hate it, and probably won’t even consider drinking for quite a while.Luckily drugs are virtually non-existent, unless you count magical potions as drugs, which I think is ridiculous. And finally, although the tone of the story may be dark, there are countless small messages and characters throughout the game who are positive role models and send positive messages. It is up to the player how to act, and they can be a gruff disillusioned realist to a kind, caring protector. So to conclude, I would recommend the game for ages 14+, for teens can most definitely handle its content.