Finding a Warzone tải về will be a đứng đầu priority for those looking lớn return to lớn Caldera Island after the game"s relaunch.

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The blood-drenched battle royale from the makers of hotline Of Duty keeps each new season armed lớn the teeth with hench guns, a new operator, plenty of bản đồ changes, reworks khổng lồ Caldera, và even a crossover with Godzilla và King Kong.

With Warzone soon khổng lồ be relaunched as hotline of Duty: Warzone Caldera, this changes things a little bit – và you might be wondering how you can find a Warzone 2 download, being the new companion title that goes hand-in-hand with Modern Warfare 2.

Remember that as players familiarize themselves with Warzone 2 after it launches on November 16, you won"t be able to lớn play or tải về Warzone from November 15th until it is relaunched at the end of the month as Warzone Caldera.

A totally separate offering from Warzone Caldera, Warzone 2 still functions as a free-to-play battle royale. You still have lớn make a run for it and use your smarts to lớn stay out of sight, especially given how powerful some loadouts can be.

Keen to lớn get started? You"re in the right place. With this guide, we will walk you through how lớn get your Warzone downloads set up quickly và painlessly so you can get out there & start raking in those wins, no matter who you"re up against or which iteration of the trò chơi you opt for.

Warzone download: how lớn find a download

Warzone download: available platforms

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Warzone is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, và Xbox One.

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It is a free-to-play game, and thanks khổng lồ Microsoft"s changes back in April 2021 you don"t need an Xbox Live Gold subscription lớn access the platform"s online multiplayer features on the Xbox One or Series X|S. You also won"t need lớn pay for a PlayStation Plus membership to vị so on PS4 or PS5.

Warzone download: how to tải về Warzone Caldera

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From November 16 to November 28, the first Warzone game will go offline as the CoD team focuses on the launch of Modern Warfare 2"s first season as well as the launch of companion battle royale Warzone 2.

This means you won"t be able to lớn play Warzone until it relaunches on November 28 as hotline of Duty: Warzone Caldera.

If you"re looking for it on console, Warzone Caldera will be listed lượt thích any other điện thoại tư vấn of Duty title on the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store & should be easy to find.On PC you"ll need to grab Warzone from Battle.net (you"ll need the Battle.net desktop phầm mềm (opens in new tab) for PC or Mac to start). Activision owns Blizzard (and in turn, is owned by Microsoft) which is why Warzone is being pushed through Blizzard"s Battle.net portal – và the tải về should be around 100-125GB.

You won"t be able to tải về this trò chơi via Steam or Epic Games Store, in case you were wondering.

Warzone download: How to tải về Warzone 2

(Image credit: Activision Blizzard)

From November 16, you"ll be able lớn play Warzone 2. You can find your Warzone 2 tải về ahead of time, however, by visiting Battle.net (opens in new tab) or any of these platform-specific store options:

Remember that Warzone 2"s install kích thước is huge. It might be time khổng lồ go looking for the best cheap SSD giao dịch if you need a storage management solution ASAP, no matter your platform of choice.

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