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Zombie Tsunami Mod game android v4.5.102 All Birds Unlocked
67.9 MB
Unlimited Coins/Diamond
November 05, 2022 (3 days ago)

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Zombie Tsunami is an attractive và very amusing trò chơi in which you act as a zombie. It is quite surprising that you play this game as a zombie instead of any other character. This trò chơi is inspired from the never-ending running games such as Subways Surfer & the Temple Run. In this game, you are the zombie who keeps on running on the long paths. Your reward chances increase when you eat as many human beings in your way. There are other things such as gold và the zombie boxes which give more prizes.

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Chase to lớn be quái nhân zombie

Your ultimate goal in this game is khổng lồ become the quái thú zombie, và it is only possible if you eat a lot of human beings. By eating so many human beings you will be able to make a big team of zombies which is called the Zombies Tsunami.


Transfer zombies

You can not only keep the zombies in their same avatar, but there are more exciting options as well. You can turn the zombies of your team into ninjas, flying dragons và other creatures. In this way you will be able to invade the human beings và create all the obstacles for them. They won"t be able to escape from you và your victory will be confirmed.


Multiple Choices

This trò chơi has a lot of things to choose from. First, it has a total of 9 locations which allow the zombie team lớn continue their missions in any of them. There are also 8 different types of items which you can collect to run faster, và destroy all the humans within a short amount of time. There are 300 more tasks in this game to vì chưng in order khổng lồ unlock more achievements. You may attack upon the buses, cars, tanks và vehicles to get more humans to eat.


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Q. What is the kích thước of the Zombie Tsunami?

The kích thước of Zombies Tsunami is 66 MB?Q. Who developed Zombies Tsunami?Mobigame S.A.R.L developed this brilliant game.Q. Where is it available for download?It is available on both Google Play store & Apple app store for downloading. Android và iOS users can tải về and play this game easily.Q. Does this trò chơi have any in-app purchases?Yes, there are many in-app purchases which could be done within this game to unlock other features.