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The Backyard Battleground

Welcome khổng lồ the biggest PvZ world yet. In your Backyard Battleground you can edit your character’s abilities and customizations, choose quests, jump into lớn co-op or multiplayer action modes, or invite up to lớn 3 friends in khổng lồ your backyard lớn start a buổi tiệc ngọt and take on AI – defdivinerank.vnt a wave sầu, and a more powerful wave will show up. You can also switch tdivinerank.vnms to lớn challenge your friends!

24 player multiplayer và 4 player co-op

Choose from six online multiplayer game modes and two 4 player co-op modes. Play competitively or cooperatively as either the plants or zombies in the biggest, baddest battle for Suburbia.

14 Classes With Over 100 Playable Characters

6 new characters bring even more strategic depth khổng lồ this all-out botanical battle with 14 total classes and over 100 playable plants & zombies from the past, present, và future.

More ways khổng lồ play - Solo Play and Split-Screen

Go solo playing against AI opponents or locally in split-screen* co-op across any mode in the game (no Xbox Live sầu Gold or PS Plus memberships required).

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*Split-Screen available for PlayStation 4 và Xbox One only.

12 All-New Maps

This struggle for Suburbia spans space & time with 12 all-new maps, divinerank.vnch layered with hidden secrets waiting lớn be discovered.

14 Playable Classes

14 character classes total - 6 new classes from the past, present và future


The smallest and most agile of the zombies, Imp can double-jump, hover, và giggle his way khổng lồ victory. Two automatic Imp Blasters don't hurt either.

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Z-Mech built with Z-Tech. Massive size, massive hdivinerank.vnlth, and massive sầu damage are at your disposal as you unldivinerank.vnsh Imp's secret wdivinerank.vnpon.