Plants vs Zombies is considered to be one of the best action-strategy games on Google Play Store và if you want to download Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC, then you can follow the steps in this article và install the trò chơi on your computer using an apk emulator software like BlueStacks. Plants vs Zombies 2 is the sequel khổng lồ the hit trò chơi of the same name & brings more new plants & new zombies to lớn play with and build new strategy khổng lồ win the game.

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In the Plants vs Zombies 2 game, you have lớn control the plants & defeat the army of powerful zombies. The attacks will keep coming so you have to make sure that your plants are at full power. You can create a powerful army of plants và supercharge them using the Plant Food. Create the ultimate defense with powerful attacks & protect the brain from the zombies. You can tải về Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC easily by following the steps mentioned in this article. Before that, let’s have a look at some of the best features of the strategy game.

Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC – Features

The action-strategy trò chơi is one of the top games on Google Play Store và it has been downloaded more than 100 million times on apk devices. There are many amazing features in the game & different types of plants to attack the zombies with. So, kiểm tra out some of the features of the trò chơi before you download and install it.


New Plants: There are powerful new plants like the Peashooter, Pepperpult, laze bean, Pea-nut, prickling Homing thistle among others who will guard your lawn and defend it through time.Protect Your Brain: You have lớn make sure that you brain remains safe and that’s why you should choose the plants wisely for each levels and keep them supercharged using the Plant food. You can freeze, flick & zap zombies off your lawn.Unlock Zen Garden: Battle zombies lớn win sprouts that you can later plant in your Zen garden. You need to take care of these sprouts lớn get extra power in your blooms.Powerful Boss: At the end of every world, you have khổng lồ face Zomboss who will come at you with a host of inventions lớn defeat your defense system.New Levels: You can unlock new challenging levels in each world. Some of the levels are Pyramid of Doom, Dead Man’s Booty, Terror from Tomorrow, Arthur’s Challenge, Icebound Battleground và others.

These are some of the features of the Plants vs Zombies 2 trò chơi for computer. It is không tính tiền to download but there are some items in the trò chơi that can be purchased with real money. You can turn off this feature by going to the Settings.

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Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC Download

The trò chơi is available only for Android & iOS devices & there is no official version of the trò chơi for your computer. So, if you want to download Plants vs Zombies 2 on your computer, then you have khổng lồ use an emulator lượt thích BlueStacks.

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With BlueStacks, it becomes easy to download any game android apps và games on your computer. Use the above link to tải về the emulator and install it. Once BlueStacks is installed, follow the below steps.

Step 1:

Open BlueStacks và click on the Search icon on the đứng top of the dashboard. Now, type in “Plants vs Zombies” in the search bar và hit enter.


Step 2:

You will see a result appearing in the search section. Click on the Plants vs Zombies icon in the tìm kiếm results & you will be redirected to the official Google Play Store page from where you can tải về the game.


Step 3:

Once you are on the application page, you need lớn click on the Install button and a pop-up will appear on your computer screen asking for permissions needed lớn run the app.


Step 4:

To successfully install và play the game, you need khổng lồ accept and grant all the permissions. So, click on the Accept button & then the tải về process will begin.


This download process will take some time depending on the kích thước of the game và the tốc độ of your internet connection. Once the download process is completed, Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC will be installed successfully.

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To launch the game on your computer, you need to lớn go to lớn BlueStacks once again và click on the All Apps tab on the top right corner of the dashboard. Under the tab, you will see all the apps & games installed on your computer.

Click on the Plants vs Zombies game icon to mở cửa it on your computer screen. Now perform the initial settings & play the tutorial, if you want, & start plotting your strategy khổng lồ defend your lawn against the zombies.

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This is the complete article on how you can tải về Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC. If you liked the article, then chia sẻ it with your friends so that they too can play the game và kill the zombies with powerful plants.