Mad max game review


xuất hiện world games still remain very popular, which unfortunately leads to several games being overlooked và overshadowed, lượt thích 2015"s Mad Max.

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Mad Max, the aptly titled năm ngoái Clip game based on the popular action film franchise of the same name, was a visually stunning & chaotically satisfying romp of an experience. It"s open world was vast và gorgeous, the vehicular combat was intense, and overall design of the game was top-notch chất lượng. reviews were positive sầu, and most fans of the aforementioned films swear by it as an excellent interactive sầu depiction of what it must be like to lớn be Max, endlessly roaming the desolate desert wastelands around hyên.

Yet, despite the praise from critics and finesse demonstrated in creating the game by Avalanbịt Studios (known for the Just Cause series), Mad Max seemed to largely fly under the radar compared lớn many of its contemporaries during the PS4/Xbox One generation of gaming. Much of this is most likely attributed khổng lồ being released on the same day that the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain launched. That being said, it certainly didn"t help with the fact that it can be hard lớn stand out amongst an industry flooded with similar open-world action games.

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Even so, for any fans of the Mad Max series, open-world games, or games that are just an over the top thrill ride, this underrated gem is more than worth a look. The visuals & style are definitely a highlight of the experience, but Mad Max most importantly succeeds in doing what a lot of open-world games fail to do: simultaneously creating an interesting environment, while also making it a ton of fun khổng lồ explore, alongside maintaining an interesting narrative sầu to lớn boot.

Driving Through The Endless Desert


Those who have yet to lớn play this title may be concerned that the open world will amount lớn nothing more than just an endless sea of svà, s&, & more s&. In a sense, that is correct, but the bleak, barren landscape on display should not be confused with an empty, lifeless world (despite the obvious narrative implications).

Similar to The Legover of Zelda: Breath of the Wild"s open world, Mad Max makes intelligent use of its emptiness lớn make locations, items và landmarks that are discovered that much more meaningful and rewarding for players. To be driving for a long time, running low on supplies, và with a badly damaged vehicle, only lớn find an outpost or town with resources khổng lồ scavenge and trade; the gameplay loop of Mad Max always results in satisfying moments.

Speaking of exploration, Max obviously does most of his traversal around the desert in a series of high-powered, tough cars that the player can customize khổng lồ better suit any particular challenge or situation. There are some cars better suited for combat, while others are lighter & faster, but therefore have sầu less armor và take damage more easily. This màn chơi of thoughtfulness & strategy brought to lớn every step that the player takes in this digital desert is something not commonly seen in open world games.

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Often, the open world is created at the service of the player, a sandbox to go nuts in và vị whatever they wish. In this instance, this (literal) sandbox is designed intentionally to lớn push back, encouraging the player to adapt, learn và plan ahead in order to survive this harsh world.


Shifting gears, the insanity & mayhem khổng lồ be found in the open world is carefully balanced with a straightforward, yet compelling storyline about revenge & loyalty. Max is dealing with the memories và heartbreak of a world gone by, with flashbacks to his old life, similar lớn the narrative sầu style in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. Losing those that were closest lớn him gives Max a soft spot to lớn assist those in need, even despite the gruff exterior he puts on. As the journey unfolds, Max crosses paths with more and more freaks, outlaws, và innocents, providing added depth và character the game"s world.

This is an important distinction from other open world titles, as the sense of freedom given lớn the player can often distract & cause awkward gaps between the main story the developers had crafted. This is not the case in Mad Max, with each main và side mission"s objective sầu being somehow linked to lớn the world itself, with the main goal usually being to lớn discover, acquire & build more resources and gear. All aspects of the world have sầu been thoughtfully interconnected to lớn make every second count and all moments meaningful to lớn the forward momentum of the storyline & interaction with the world, similar lớn the open world in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


Another crucial element to nail is making the open world feel alive and as immersive as possible. Unfortunately, many games in this category fail to lớn deliver a world that is as impressive to engage with as it is huge khổng lồ explore. Even some of the best offerings in the open world genre, such as GTA V, can be somewhat passive & at the mercy of the player"s whlặng & ambitions.

In a very similar fashion lớn the gameplay in Days Gone, this is a place that comes for you just as much as you fight baông xã against its many threats and obstacles. Melee combat against enemies is deadly, oto chases move at breaknechồng speeds, with one wrong move resulting in devastating damage lớn the player"s vehicle. But most hazardous of all, is the environment itself, as rampaging s& storms cloud over, similar khổng lồ the weather mechanics seen in Just Cause 4, another Avalanbịt Studios title released a few years later.

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There is so much more detail and wonder to be found within the violent and sometimes gorgeous world of Mad Max. So much so that a majority of that discovery should be left to lớn the players themselves. Whether players are a fan of the films, or enjoy the best open-world games as a whole, Mad Max is a world of fire and blood worth racing into lớn.