This strategical Team Death Match style parkour Map will put your balance và speed to the kiểm tra. Compete with another team & race through 16 complicated stages to lớn the finish line! Navigate through the obstacles & clear all the check points as fast as you can!

Pathways illuminated with hand-crafted paper lanterns. Beautifully carved wooden arches & buildings surround the cramped alleyways. Boxes và imports take up lots of space, making perfect hiding places for mercenaries.

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Now Available for Search & Destroy!

Win all the permanent weapons from both crates và complete the

Eternal Dragon Collection lớn receive:

FAMAS G2-NeonPink

This fast và accurate French standard combat weapon now comes with a special added Neon Pink skin.

VIPhường Color Sets are now available for the M4A1-S-Iron Beast VIP!

Purchase 2 color sets, Màu sắc Set A and màu sắc Set B khổng lồ customize your VIP.. khổng lồ give sầu it a vibrant new design!

Color 4 main areas of your M4A1-S-Iron Beast! The Grip, Gun Body, Butt Plate and Handle. See an example below!

How khổng lồ play: There are 5 maps names hidden within the letters of this word tìm kiếm. Connect the letters horizontal, diagonal or vertical and type the Map names you find in the redeem section on the website. The maps can be from any mode.

Answer each maps name correctly at http://www.divinerank.vn.com/redeem.html for your chance to win 1 không lấy phí crate per answer!

Hurry! Before all the crates are redeemed!

Answers must be answered, typed & spelled correctly to lớn receive sầu the reward.

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Ticket responses will not be permitted.

Rewards are limited in quantity.

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Sharing responses are not permitted and may result in actions taken against an account found sharing answers.

- Fixed an issue that caused players to lớn trigger a damage zone on the S&D bản đồ Bunker

- Fixed an issue that allowed players to glitch into the elevated platsize on the S&D maps Desert Storm

- Fixed an issue that caused the damage indicator lớn display in the improper direction in Syên.S&D mode

- Fixed an issue that caused the map of the month function lớn create S&D rooms with the side swap option turned off

- Fixed an issue that caused players lớn become stuông chồng before reaching the final jump pad on the map Space Jump

- Fixed an issue that caused accessory items khổng lồ not disable properly in Single Bot Match

- Fixed an issue that allowed players khổng lồ jump onto lớn the Central Square house on the maps EagleEye

- Fixed an issue that caused the Glacial Beast to lớn have sầu no animation in ZM3

- Fixed an issue that caused female character hands lớn appear deformed when holding Wide Grenades



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mini game

game fixes