Released on Steam bachồng in 2017 (và with a console port arriving earlier this year) trang chủ Sweet Home was an unexpected sleeper hit, making waves in the indie-horror scene, despite its relatively simple gameplay. For while the hide-and-seek mechanics were nothing special -and felt very similar khổng lồ what you would see in Outlast or one of its many imitators – the game had a chất lượng cultural flavoring that really helped it st& out from the crowd. 

YGGdrazil, the Tnhì developers responsible for the first-person title, injected a lot of homegrown folklore into the experience, making it feel truly novel and fresh for a lot of Western audiences. By mixing together Buddhist, Cambodian and, of course, Tnhị beliefs, they composed a quality story that was a far cry from the typical ‘’science-experiment-gone-wrong’’ or ‘’abandoned-mental-asylum’’ formula that we’ve sầu grown accustomed lớn. There were strange jinxes and rituals, allusions khổng lồ Karmic justice & giant naked ghosts that had tiny little mouths (no we’re not making that last part up). 

The only problem was that it ended on an enormous cliffhanger and then left us hanging for the subsequent two years! That is all about lớn change however, as YGGdrazil has finally announced that a sequel (or more accurately, a ‘’second episode’’) will be heading lớn PC later this year.


Picking up right where the previous installment left off, the game once again follows Tyên, an everyman who is trapped in some kind of nefarious spirit-plane, desperately searching for his missing spouse: Jane.

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Having just vanquished the main antagonist of the game, a spectral schoolgirl, Tim was about to lớn catch up with his wife, when he discovered that she had in fact been abducted by an even more sinister presence: a mysterious Thai dancer.

As you would expect, Episode 2 revolves around his ongoing quest to lớn rescue Jane from this malevolent spirt, all while navigating dreamlike environments, solving mind-bending puzzles, and dodging bloodthirsty creatures. However, it’s not just the narrative that has been expanded upon, as the gameplay is getting a significant boost as well. Indeed, the sequel promises exciting new features that will dramatically alter how the game is played. Aao ước other things, there will be more diverse environments, never-before-seen enemies &, most intriguingly of all, a combat mechanic! 

In short, a lot has changed since Episode 1 and, having been invited down to YGGdrazil’s offices in Bangkok for an exclusive sầu sneak peak, we’re very excited khổng lồ see what else is in store. On that note, look out for our world exclusive in-depth pReviews that will be published tomorrow, along with a few upcoming interviews with the dev team.