Shadow Fight 2 Mod apk is a thrilling phối of RPG và Fighting. This trò chơi has hundreds of lifelike-animated Martial Arts abilities and scary weapons! Crush your opponents, shame demons, and lock the Gate of Shadows.

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App Name

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Shadow Fight 2
Nekki - kích hoạt and Fighting Games
Menu, Unlimited All, Max Level


Unlimited CoinsUnlimited GemsUnlimited EnergyUnlimited Tickets, OrbsMax cấp độ 99, 888M Experience0% game Progress


Unlimited CreditsUnlimited GemsUnlimited EnergyUnlimited Tickets, OrbsAll EnchantmentsMax level 99, 888M ExperienceAll Weapons, Armor, Ranged Weapons, Magic, HelmAll Acts và Maps Unlocked & CompletedNeed To download 300 MB+ Additional Content

How to lớn install?

Download ‘MOD version’ + ‘Update Package version’;Install the mod version first and xuất hiện it;Now the game will ask you to tải về it on Google Play, please exit and install the ‘Update Package version’ without removing anythingEnjoy
MOD V3 Info?

1. Head Hits2. Body toàn thân Hits3. Disable Enemy4. Stun Enemy 5. Inf Saw magic 6. Unlimited Health7. 2x Speed8. Thruster speed Hack9. Custom Coins10. Custom Gems11. Custom Green Enchantment Orb12. Custom Red Enchantment Orbs13. Custom Violet Enchantment Orbs14. Custom Level15. Custom Energy16. Unlock All Equipment17. Unlock Enchantment18. Unlock Dojo19. Zero Enemy Health20. NO ADS

What"s new

In the universe of Shadow Fight 2, a mysterious outsider makes an appearance & tells our protagonists that he is their creator and that all of the experiences they have had up lớn this point are nothing more than figments of their overactive imaginations.A brand new activity for Halloween!A new superior. Fight him before the finish of the event, since it’s important!The all-new Battle Pass. Obtain prizes by completing daily chores, participating in event raids, và gaining points.The display window for the mythological enchantment phối has been updated.Correction made to lớn the effect of Karcer’s ability.

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An extremely fiery kích hoạt war is taking place in Shadow Fight 2, waiting for you khổng lồ visit and explore. This place is full of bosses to occupy your territory, taking your life. Faced with the danger of life và threat to lớn honor, you are forced lớn mobilize forces as well as sharpen the most advanced weapon system. They are the right hand for you to lớn win this one-on-one battle.



Shadow, a powerful warrior, disobeyed his family’s customs & opened the Gates of Shadows. He realized his mistake, but it was too late. The Demons inside the Gates are freed, and Shadow fades away. If he wants to lớn close the Gates of Shadows và keep the darkness at bay, Shadow must defeat all demons và get their Demon Seals. Shadow meets many allies that help him achieve his aim, as well as opponents who challenge him to a fight.

Shadow gets lured into something considerably more horrific after closing the Gates as his friend May is taken in. Shadow reopens the Gates of Shadows, revealing them khổng lồ be a portal khổng lồ another dimension. & now Titan is preparing lớn attack Shadow’s world with his super-strong cyborg alien army. Only Shadow can stop him.


Shadow Fight 2 attracts players because of its content, attractive và meaningful plot, & thanks khổng lồ the animated image system. Thanks to the application of completely new animation technology, the game recreate the most realistic atmosphere on the battlefield. You feel like you are diving into the best scenes of a famous action movie. It is this that holds the player’s feet to the end.

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With the latest update, Shadow Fight 2 brings players a new event called summer. They hope the war will begin between you and someone who wants lớn destroy the world with the sun. That person is planning and aspiring to turn this place into a fiery desert. When summer ends, prepare to lớn welcome cool autumn, but the sun does not want to go away, and the world leaves that fiery embrace. Can you defeat them & save the world?



Not only that, but you also have the opportunity khổng lồ own quality coins. They are special because you will have to perform missions as well as win important sự kiện raids. The bigger the events, the more money you will receive, but the danger is also closer. Therefore, be careful & choose events that are suitable for the number of weapons you own! You will use that coin khổng lồ buy valuable items, adding lớn your chất lượng collection.



Effectively supporting you in intense battles, it is impossible not khổng lồ mention the equipment that Shadow Fight 2 has provided you. First of all, there are countless high-damage weapons such as epic swords, nunchaku, … Not stopping there because besides attacking enemies, protecting yourself against their attacks plays a role. Therefore, rare armor sets were born và put on heroes on the battlefields.


Your trump card is at the kết thúc with a series of magical martial arts appearances. With extraordinary magical power, thousands of monsters and ghosts had to lớn fall, the body toàn thân disappeared, not even a trace on the earth. These scenes are like recreating a sci-fi movie in parallel with the swordplay scenes khổng lồ create unforgettable experiences.



Shadow Fight 2 is known as an underworld with a consecutive journey through many worlds. Specifically, you are now immersed in 6 worlds full of demons in this action war. All will be discovered and solved by you khổng lồ compete with your friends in the extremely dark, scary boss khủng war. Over the course of the journey, you will have more new weapons, new friends, và the amount of blood received increases. Specifically, it’s a packed, adrenaline-fueled combat RPG with an immersive, engaging storyline.


Immerse yourself in spectacular battle moments, which are portrayed in amazingly realistic realism by an entirely new animation technique.Using a brand-new combat interface created just for touchscreen devices, you may wreak havoc on your adversaries with deliciously straightforward controls.Ascend lớn the “Underworld” & team up with your pals to take on scary monsters!In this action-packed, adrenaline-fueled combat RPG with a rich and interesting plot, you’ll travel through six distinct worlds full with scary demons and battle your way through them.Customize your fighter’s weapons and abilities with legendary swords, nunchacku, armor sets, magical powers, and other items from the store.

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You are now ready to tải về Shadow Fight 2 for free. Here are some notes:

Please read our gian lận Info & installation instructions carefully for the game và app to work properlyDownloading via 3rd tiệc ngọt software lượt thích IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.