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Play chess games at Chess might not be your first though when thinking of đoạn phim games to play. However, the old game of Chess is still challenging to lớn master. Become grvà master at chess by understanding the pieces & what moves your opponent might make.






Chess has always had a lot of fans. The game raises human intelligence và improves the ability khổng lồ estimate consequences.

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Due to lớn the popularity of this board game, programmers were trying lớn develop chess software khổng lồ achieve the following goals:

To play chess at any time without any human opponent;To play chess against a human opponent who is located at some distance from you;To develop & lớn solve sầu chess problems;To train chess players;To get ready for chess tournaments.

In 1947 Alan Turing, a famous English mathematician was working on the development of the first chess program having created a specific algorithm which could “teach” the computer to lớn play chess.

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Another mathematician Claude Elwood Shannon was working on another task: in 1949-1950 he was analyzing the possible moves and concluded that it is important for the software to take inlớn trương mục two main strategies. First, map all the possible moves và second, exclude all the moves considered by humans to lớn be improper.

Those were the origins of the virtual world of chess. Nowadays, computer chess has reached such a màn chơi, và it is almost impossible for a human khổng lồ beat the top Ai opponent.

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However, when it comes khổng lồ regular chess games, you can always win if you consider all of your moves.

Play or get trained for không lấy phí at và checkmate all your real-life chess opponents!

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