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The world is dying, no longer able to tư vấn life. The Ainsworth family can use the Holy Grail to save humanity, but the price of salvation is sacrifice of the magical girl Miyu — but Miyu’s brother, Shirou, won’t let them have her without a fight. Now it’s up khổng lồ Illya lớn step in and find a solution that will save not only Miyu, but the entire world for impending doom. But when the price for the world's salvation is the life of a single, innocent girl, what will Illya choose?(Source: Sentai Filmworks)

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When the credits finished their roll, my first thought was "Prisma is BACK" (at least from a production standpoint). As a point of reference, I gave Oath Made Under the Snow an 8/10, but upon reexamination, I'd honestly have khổng lồ knock it down lớn a 7 due lớn my woes with the animation. This new film I enjoyed more, and for almost the opposite reason as that one. While Oath had a the production reach its lowest point, which was already slipping in the TV series of 3rei, the story arc of Shirou was great. On the flip side, this is the point in 3rei ... I feel the plot starts lớn get away with itself BUT they brought back the hype animation we hadn't seen since season 3, something akin lớn the battle with corrupt Gilgamesh.On the story front, this film focuses mainly on Beatrice and Julian's motivations, two characters I've never really cared much for. Their reasons & back story's are fine enough, they're serviceable, but when we already finished a season with a giant battle with Julian at an alter with a giant cube and tentacle esque dodging, if feels so strange khổng lồ take a break and return to lớn the same scene for another climax. This is something that's always bothered me with 3rei & obviously carries over to the film. Also the decline to almost non-existent fanservice in 3rei (besides costumes) continues. While the drought may turn with BD shorts, you'll find nothing here in the theatrical version. Fingers crossed for the BD!Moving onto the animation, this is where the film shines & begins lớn reclaim some of the hype that's felt lost from the last two productions. There's lots of embellished fights, fight animation và facial animation used liberally. They unfortunately also use some 3d models at times but switch it up between the 2 styles that it always stays exciting. They also vì chưng a good job of using a cg mã sản phẩm but gradually turning it into a 2d model as it comes closer to the screen, an effect I really appreciate. There is a bizarre sequence during the Beatrice/Illya fight where a heavy filter is used which might have been khổng lồ represent Medusa's eyes, but khổng lồ me it seemed like a very strange way to obscure the CG models during an extended sequence. Overall the battles are still very excited & pack a ton of oomph we haven't seen in a long time. The climax between Julian và Illya uses a lot of CG similar to lớn the Giant Gil quái nhân fought in season 3 but is offset by great cuts of 2 chiều animation from Illya. This battle is also an excellent example of where the soundtrack hits right, with a humming vocal track that gives the perfect heroic Prisma climax we know & love.Overall, meh story but fun film for me. I was very excited leaving the theatre as my expectations had dropped significantly after their last two efforts. If this leg of the story had maintained the quality of Oath, it would have been a disaster. Fortunately, they rekindled some of that Prisma magic, bringing in the fun, creative & surprising good fight animation I had so enjoyed from their previous works.