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FSR 2.1?

FSR 2.x supports DirectX 12 and Vulkan. GTA 5 uses DirectX 11/10

Original upscaler VS FidelityFx Super Resolution:



Other videos (benchmarks, reviews, comparisons):


Copy d3d11.dll and gta5_fsr.ini to Grand Theft Auto V root folder (e.g. \Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V)Go to ingame Graphics settings and make sure DirectX Version is set to DirectX 11Go to ingame Advanced Graphics settings and set Frame scaling mode:0.5x - Performance Mode0.667x - Balanced Mode0.75x - Quality Mode0.883x - Ultra Quality ModeCheck gta5_fsr.ini file if you need more control over mod settings


ENB✔️Rename d3d11.dll (enb) to d3d11_enb.dll. Copy d3d11.dll (fsr) to game folder where enb was located. Open gta5_fsr.ini file and set EnableProxyLibrary=true, InitProxyFunctions=true and ProxyLibrary=d3d11_enb.dll
GTA:O✔️Check GTA Online section below for more details
FiveM✔️Change Graphics -> Render Resolution instead of Advanced Graphics -> Frame scaling mode
RAGE.MP✔️No issues found
ReShade✔️Open gta5_fsr.ini file and set EnableProxyLibrary=true, InitProxyFunctions=false and ProxyLibrary=d3d11.dll
R.E.A.L. (VR)Check this


If mod doesn"t work or you are not sure if it works:

Open gta5_fsr.ini end set:

Go to "Edit" -> "Filter/Highlight" and set "Include" to "GTA5_FSR"Start game. If mod works you should see messages like:
<20736> GTA5_FSR: Loaded original d3d11.dll<20736> GTA5_FSR: D3D11CreateDevice<20736> GTA5_FSR: D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain<20736> GTA5_FSR: Reading config file...<20736> GTA5_FSR: Creating default resources...

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<20736> GTA5_FSR: Initialized<20736> GTA5_FSR: Updated some resources.<20736> GTA5_FSR: FSR PASS, FPS: 100, MSAA: 2, FXAA: 0<20736> GTA5_FSR: FSR PASS, FPS: 101, MSAA: 2, FXAA: 0<20736> GTA5_FSR: FSR PASS, FPS: 99, MSAA: 2, FXAA: 0