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Infinite Warfare zombies mode is my favorite in the COD series. Unfortunately I can't find any repaông chồng or crachồng that can make Zombies or MPhường with bots work. I have it already on PS4 but wanted lớn mess around with trainers on PC. So, title.

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And if not Infinite Warfare, does anyone know of other COD repacks that have working MPhường with bots? (Don't really lượt thích other COD's Zombies modes)


World at War supports actual mutliplayer over Hamabỏ ra and/or something like Gameranger. Black Ops 1 and 2 have sầu really fun MP & zombies, not sure about craông chồng because I paid for the game

modern warfare (2007): cracked servers (mp)

modern warfare 2: iw4x

modern warfare 3: teknomw3

blachồng ops: rekt t5m (requires an account)

blaông xã ops ii: plutonium

advanced warfare: projectnova (lan only)

modern warfare remastered: projectnova (lan only)

ghosts: projectnova (lan only)

world at war: cracked servers (mp), zombies (lan only)

I wasn't really asking for online multiplayer. I have sầu some COD games on PS4 (although the multiplayer is a bit dead for Infinite Warfare). I was asking if there are any on PC with bots cause cracks usually only support single player. Thanks for this though.

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I would like lớn update this danh mục, if you don't mind :

These are some of the Modded client for COD in general :

COD4 ( Modern warfare 2007 ) : COD4x ( Client is dead as hell, Had Bots Mod )

WAW : Plutonium T4 ( Requires an tài khoản, Had Mod support for SPhường And Zombie, LAN )

MW2 : IW4X ( Had Mod tư vấn )

BO1 : Rekt T5M ( Requires an tài khoản, Had minor Mod support )

MW3 : Plutonium IW5 ( Requires an trương mục, Had mod tư vấn only for MPhường., LAN )

BO2 : Plutonium T6 ( Requires an account, Had gian lận tư vấn for MP. and Zombie )

Ghost : IW6X ( Still in early stage, no gian lận support, MP only )

AW : S1X ( Still in early stage, No gian lận tư vấn, remove sầu supply drop limitation )

MWR : Projectnova ( Lan only )

SM2 : A upcoming COD Project that try to resurrect CODOL, Yet khổng lồ be released.

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Pls Note that While COD4X và T5M has no torrent support, You can still install them by using cracked version of the original game ( install COD4x by Using COD4 crack/repaông xã )

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· 2 yr. ago
It's a shame we don't have a craông xã for IW, AW or BO4 (MPhường with bots portion)

IW is still 60$ on steam without DLCs it's a lot you gotta pay for lớn play with bots only (i don't play online) Hope someday soon someone smart cracks the hell out of it

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· 2 yr. ago

I don't think it will be cracked. Whenever I start matchmaking on PC(steam), nothing happens at all because these games are basically dead. AW bots don't use movement that great like actual players.

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