After running Blade & Soul successfully for the past few days, I run inkhổng lồ this error every time I cliông chồng "Play Now" in the launcher. Has anyone else run into lớn this issue? Solutions? Thanks!


Give this man a serious cookie... and an upvote... even helped for me & i've sầu tried all of the msconfig và stuff thingys... thank you so much!

if you don't want to lớn not have avg, just add wherever you have your games installed lớn the exception danh mục, và you'll be able to lớn play, as well as still have sầu your protection

Take my upvote and mạng internet smootches! Had the issue on a different game & viola, fixed lượt thích a charm!

Hope you're still not having this issue but if you are and haven't got any tư vấn for this one thing I would definitely try is a nice thorough cleaning of your PC. This may or may not help the game, but either way will surely help your PC.Quý Khách sẽ xem: Fix: debugger has been found running in your system

Run built in windows defender (optional but occasionally will find what others have not) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Follow this up by updated all drivers và firmware

For HP: http://tư vấ

For Dell:

For custom or one-off builds at bare minimum ensure that you visit the manufactures trang web of your Graphics card, CPU, Motherboard (peripherals) and BIOS

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Appreciate the reply. After multiple restarts and running in safe mode, it finally worked.

Bạn đang xem: Fix: debugger has been found running in your system

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Maybe this helps? or the referenced link and solutions in here (gameguard). Assuming you've tried the easy options, i.e rebooting. Since it seems somewhat related to lớn Windows 10, making sure Windows 10 is up-to-date might be a next step.

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Thanks, updating windows fixed the problem for me.

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That's because whatever malware the game is detecting doesn't start up with your pc & has some other run prompt so it takes some time to lớn activate...

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màn chơi 25 years agoMy wife had the same issue last night. Restarting the computer fixed the issue.

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stop running a hex editor in the background Kappa

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Hi! I have the same problem, và I was wondering how exactly one runs the game in safe mode.

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Holy crap did bunch of things on other sites and didnt work... This thought me lớn come here first. Thank you VenomTexas!

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i have the same problem but i turn of antivarius & problem dont stop i have sầu windows 10 plz told me

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NCSoft's incompetence is putting our computers at risk by requiring us to disable our antivirus

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Wrong. You don't need to disable your antivirut, only add B&S as an exception.

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