Tổng hợp tất cả bản đồ từng được phát hành trong pubg

Every PUBG MOBILE player desires a fair & equal gaming environment. It is an invisible bond that connects all those who love PUBG MOBILE. However, cheaters break the rules, not only destroying the game environment that everyone enjoys but also ruining the experience for other players.

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Now, the opportunity lớn combat these rule-breakers has arrived! Join us and the Ban Pan system! Every player has the chance to lớn become an investigator and work together with the official security team to say goodbye khổng lồ cheaters in PUBG MOBILE. Grab your Ban Pan và knoông chồng the cheaters out of here!Ban Pan Security Zone Video Review Feature FAQ
Q: What is Ban Pan, and what is Video Review?A: Video đánh giá is a new feature of the updated Ban Pan security system. By reviewing videos suspected lớn contain cheating, players increase the pressure against cheaters and help maintain a clean gaming environment.If a player"s in-game behavior is suspicious, or if they are reported by other players, the system will generate a first-person đoạn Clip of the player. This player will be highlighted in a different color khổng lồ help investigators in their judgment. The đoạn Clip will then be uploaded to lớn the Ban Pan system & a đoạn phim reviews sheet will be generated. Once this happens, qualified investigators will watch and judge the video clip. If the majority of investigators believe it contains cheating, the official team will conduct a second reviews of the đoạn Clip. Once the video clip has been confirmed to lớn contain a violation, the offending player will receive the appropriate ban.

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The nhận xét process is as follows:
Step 1: A player is reported/the system actively records a suspicious player.Step 2: A battle replay đoạn phim is generated from the suspicious player"s perspective.Step 3: The video is randomly distributed to multiple investigators.Step 4: Investigators analyze the đoạn phim.Step 5: A majority confirm that the video contains a violation.Step 6: The official team Reviews the violation.Step 7: The cheating player is penalized.Q: Do I get anything for participating in Video Review?A: As you Review more cases và as your Đánh Giá accuracy increases, your investigator cấp độ will increase & you will get better investigator titles. At the same time, you will also receive sầu rewards for completing Đánh Giá challenges. Rewards include:1. BP. (obtained by increasing your investigator level) 2. AG (obtained by gaining investigator titles) 3. Classic Coupons (obtained by completing weekly Review challenges)Q: How do I start reviewing?A: First, you must become a qualified investigator. Investigators are the defenders of the PUBG MOBILE battlefield. As a result, the selection is extremely strict. To be selected, candidates must have sầu a clean game record, a fair/just attitude, & the determination to maintain justice. Players can apply khổng lồ become an investigator in the Security Zone, in the main menu. Specifically:
1. Tap the button in the lower right corner of the main menu, then find và tap "Ban" lớn enter the Security Zone.

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Investigator recruitment will gradually open khổng lồ eligible players. Players with multiple seasons of excellent tier placement, good behavior and a history of accurate reports will be given priority.