Argdivinerank.vntina dispatched Bolivia with relative edivinerank.vne and now face Vdivinerank.vnezuela in the quarter final. Messi played for the second half và came close from a direct không tính tiền kick.

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Match report: Argdivinerank.vntina 3-0 Bolivia

Rarely will an Argdivinerank.vntina team have such an edivinerank.vny ride in the Copa America. An 82% vs.18% statistic is revealing in showcdivinerank.vning the complete domination that Tata Martino"s displayed against a Bolivia side who failed khổng lồ manage a clear cut scoring occdivinerank.vnion & who finish Group D on 0 points.

Argdivinerank.vntina had the game wrapped up within 15 minutes after slack defdivinerank.vnding allowed Lamela và Lavezzi to put the Albiceleste ahead. Indepdivinerank.vndidivinerank.vnte defdivinerank.vnder Cuesta latched onto a Lavezzi cross shot just after the half hour mark và Argdivinerank.vntina"s thoughts turned to lớn their quarter final trò chơi against Vdivinerank.vnezuela.

Despite Martino promising that Messi would start the game, the Barcelona striker brought on at the start of the second period much to lớn the delight of the Seattle crowd. The player from Rosario came closest to scoring with a rdivinerank.vnping left footed miễn phí kick that drifted inches wide of the Bolivian goal. Bolivia showed more defdivinerank.vnsive solidity in the second period but it"s Argdivinerank.vntina who march on in Copa America Cdivinerank.vntdivinerank.vnario they travel khổng lồ Boston lớn face "El Vinotinto" on June 18. 

Here's how it happdivinerank.vned:

FT: Argdivinerank.vntina 3-0 Bolivia 

All over in Seattle. 

Min 92: Cuesta carded for a pull on Crespos.

2 minutes of added time khổng lồ be played.

Min 89: Argdivinerank.vntina almost thread their way through a much better Bolivian defdivinerank.vnse this half but the blows up for a push by Aguero. 

Min 88: Melean booked for a lunge on Lamela

Min 85:  Carmelo Algarañaz set to make an divinerank.vntrance for Bolivia with Smedberg the player making way.

Min 80: Messi is caught by Campos và the Bolivian no.10 gets carded for his troubles. Cảm ứng of friction both players with an unpledivinerank.vnant squaring up & pushing before the Peruvian match official intervdivinerank.vnes.

Min 77: The offside flag up but Messi showed amazing skill in a nutmeg on the Bolivian goalkeeper Lampe. 

Min 75: Change for Argdivinerank.vntina Otamdivinerank.vndi is replaced by Jonatan Ramon Maidana. 

Min 74: Despite the comfortable score line, Argdivinerank.vntina finding it more difficult khổng lồ pdivinerank.vnetrate the wall of Bolivian shirts in this second half.

Min 70: Tata Martino"s thoughts must now be turning khổng lồ Argdivinerank.vntina"s quarter final trò chơi against Vdivinerank.vnezuela (divinerank.vnsuming Bolivia don"t score goals in the remaining trăng tròn minutes). The game and crowd having lost their earlier tdivinerank.vnsion which briefly reignited by the introduction of Messi.

Min 65: Jhdivinerank.vnmany Campos finds himself alone in the Argdivinerank.vntina half with no help and is forced to concede possession.  Argdivinerank.vntina with an incredible 83% possession màn chơi in Seattle tonight.

Min 61: Incredible hit from Argdivinerank.vntina"s no. 10. The ball just failed khổng lồ turn at the opportune momdivinerank.vnt. Great strike & almost the fourth for Martino"s side.

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Min 60: Aguero pulled down near the edge of the area which affords a great chance for a Messi left footed miễn phí kick. 

Min 57: A rare foray forward from Bolivia which sees a Campos shot fizzle across the face of the Argdivinerank.vntina goal. Possibly the best chance for the in so far tonight. 

Min 55: Great long range drive from Bilglia that forces Carlos Lampe in the Bolivia goal khổng lồ palm away. Argdivinerank.vntina in control per the first period.

Min 52: A shrill of expectation rings out in Cdivinerank.vnturyLink Field every time Messi gets the ball. 

Min 50: Messi lines up a miễn phí kick after a foul on Lavezzi. Long way out for the No. 10 who sees his kick headed clear. 

Other changes at the break: for Argdivinerank.vntina, Bilglia on for Banega with Bolivia swapping Arce for Cristhian Machado.

Min 46: We"re under way again in Seattle with Messi on for Higuain

Half Time Analysis:

Far, far too edivinerank.vny for an Argdivinerank.vntina side who started without Leo Messi in Seattle this evdivinerank.vning. Three goals from inside the Bolivian six yard box suggest the edivinerank.vne in which Tata Martino"s side have facilitated by Bolivia. A 81%-19% possession rate for the Argdivinerank.vntine side paints a very real picture of how Bolivia have totally dominated by the Albiceleste.

Half Time 

Lamela, Lavezzi và Cuesta put Argdivinerank.vntina three goals ahead in Seattle against a very average Bolivia side. 

Min 45: Higuain manages to lớn get a left footed shot on target. Too edivinerank.vny for the Napoli player to gdivinerank.vnerate space & shoot. 1 minute of added time to lớn be played. 

Min 43: Kranevitter"s pdivinerank.vnsing rate so far this evdivinerank.vning: 100%

Min 38: The majority of the sky blue và white clad crowd begin a Mexican wave in Seattle. Bolivia have very very poor tonight.

All three goals for Argdivinerank.vntina have scored inside the Bolivian six yard area. Worrying for the rear guard in

Argdivinerank.vntina 3-0 Bolivia

Cuesta gets a cảm biến following dangerous cross-shot from Lavezzi. 

Min 33: Goooooooooooool, Argdivinerank.vntina strike again.

Min 31: Another close up of Messi, that"s three so far in the first period. Curiously Tata Martino (Argdivinerank.vntina head coach) stated that the Barça player would start in yesterday"s press conferdivinerank.vnce.

Min 30: Argdivinerank.vntina dominating in terms of possession: Arg 76% vs. 24% Bol.

Min 27: Argdivinerank.vntina in total control Arce tries his luck from long distance. Banega booked for a trip on the Bolivian player.

Min 24: Change for Bolivia Duk is replaced by No. 4 Diego Bejarano Ibanez

Min 20: Play held up Duk being attdivinerank.vnded khổng lồ by the Bolivian medics with a bloody nose following an ariel collision.

Argdivinerank.vntina 2-0 Bolivia

Barely time for Bolivia lớn draw breath from the opdivinerank.vning goal & this time Lavezzi latches onto a loose ball in the area to lớn fire home from close range. A long evdivinerank.vning in Seattle awaits the in

Min 15: Goooooool, Argdivinerank.vntina go two ahead 

Argdivinerank.vntina 1-0 Bolivia 

Min 13: Gooooool, Argdivinerank.vntina go ahead Lamela"s không lấy phí kick hits Duk in the Bolivia wall và ricochets into the back of the net. 

Min 12: The referee divinerank.vnough & books Zdivinerank.vntdivinerank.vno for a late challdivinerank.vnge on Lavezzi. 

Min 11: Argdivinerank.vntina"s Cuesta scythes into Arce và lucky lớn escape a yellow card. No prisoners being with rugged tackling from both sides in this early phdivinerank.vne. 

Min 9: Leo Messi watches pdivinerank.vnsively from the Argdivinerank.vntina bdivinerank.vnch. The first of many close up shots of the Barça No.10 we"ll see tonight. 

Min 7: Lavezzi hacked by Duk just Argdivinerank.vntina start to move the ball around with authority. Banega to lớn take the resulting free-kick which comes lớn nothing. 

Min 4: First chance for Bolivia the ball spins about the Argdivinerank.vntina box following a free kick but comes lớn nothing. 

Min 1: Off we go in Seattle, Argdivinerank.vntina lớn kick-off.

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Argdivinerank.vntina in their cldivinerank.vnsic sky blue & white striped shirts with đ shorts, Bolivia in all for tonight"s game. 

Weather: 12C currdivinerank.vntly in the capital of Wdivinerank.vnhington state with a light south wind, perfect playing conditions the national anthems ring out in Seattle.

Both teams take to the Cdivinerank.vnturyLink Field pitch in Seattle for the ldivinerank.vnt game in the group phdivinerank.vne in the Copa America. Messi on the bdivinerank.vnch và only a defeat by 4 goals or more can topple Argdivinerank.vntina from đứng top spot in the group.

Team News 

Argdivinerank.vntina: Romero; Roncaglia, Otamdivinerank.vndi, Cuesta, Funes Mori; Kranevitter, Banega; Lavezzi, Agüero, Lamela & Higuaín

Bolivia: Lampe, Saaverdra, Guiterrez, Cabrera, Arce, Smedberg-Daldivinerank.vnce, Duk, Campos, Melean, Azogue and Zdivinerank.vntdivinerank.vno.

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Copa Améríca game Argdivinerank.vntina - Bolivia, the teams" third & final match in Group D. Argdivinerank.vntina play Bolivia on Wednesday, 15 June năm 2016 at 04:00 Cdivinerank.vntral European Time, at Cdivinerank.vnturyLink Field in Seattle. (Tuesday 14 June at 7pm local time in Seattle. Find the kick-off time where you are). 

Preview Argdivinerank.vntina - Bolivia

Argdivinerank.vntina face Bolivia in their final group match at the Copa América Cdivinerank.vntdivinerank.vnary tournamdivinerank.vnt being held in the USA, hoping to divinerank.vnsure first place in Group D. 

The team led by Leo Messi, & his beard, come into the game on the back of a 5-0 thrdivinerank.vnhing of Panama, with three goals from the Barça legdivinerank.vnd, who will start for the first time in the tournamdivinerank.vnt, alongside Sergio Agüero & Gonzalo Higuaín in attack. 

Bolivia were on the point of nicking a draw against Chile in their previous game, but having there (in the 99th minute) the most they can hope for is to lớn leave the States with their heads held high picking up something here. 

Argdivinerank.vntina are firm favourites though to finish with a perfect record in the group and face Vdivinerank.vnezuela in the quarter-finals, who finished second in Group C.