Nvidia Freestyle Telling Me "A Supported Game Is Required To Use This Feature" : Ffxiv




In case if the error appears even after shutting down the screen capturing application, go to the next section to use several other tricks. 

Steps lớn Fix A Supported trò chơi is Required lớn Use This Feature Issue

Now, it’s time to kiểm tra out some other methods that allow you khổng lồ resolve the A Supported trò chơi is required khổng lồ use this feature problem.

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Step-1 : Uninstall & Reinstall DriversStep-2 : Turn On Experimental FeaturesStep-3 : Roll Back khổng lồ the Older Driver

Uninstall và Reinstall Drivers

The major reason for causing this issue while playing the Warzone, Valorant, and other games is corrupted NVIDIA Graphics thẻ Drivers.If you really want lớn get rid of this problem, you need khổng lồ reinstall the drivers on your Windows 11 computer.
First of all, click on the Start thực đơn or press Windows + S keys on your keyboard.Type GeForce Experience in the search console -> Select the matched one from the results.


Once the GeForce Experience is opened, log in lớn your NVIDIA tài khoản with the credentials, such as thư điện tử address và password.Apart from that, you can also sign in khổng lồ the application through your Google, Facebook, & Apple account.


Turn On Experimental Features

Some users have solved the A Supported trò chơi Is Required khổng lồ Use This Feature after reinstalling the drivers. But there are a few people who still encounter the same issue.In this case, you need lớn enable the Experimental Features option on your NVIDIA GeForce Experience app. For that, execute the following paragraphs.
Like the above, open the GeForce Experience phầm mềm on your Windows computer.Now, log in khổng lồ your trương mục with the detailsClick on the Settings icon khổng lồ see the General Settings.Locate the Enable Experimental Features option from the danh sách -> check the checkbox next to lớn it to lớn enable it.

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Roll Back to the Older Driver

If the above methods can’t solve the issue, you will not play the clip game effectively. It means you will still encounter the problem whenever you see the trò chơi filters or photo mode while gaming on our PCs.We think that the drivers that you’ve installed recently might be the culprit for causing these problems. To lớn fix it, we suggest you download the older drivers on your Windows 11.
Launch your default web browser (for me, it’s Google Chrome) on your PC.Click this link to open the GeForce Drivers page.Now, you need to tìm kiếm for the Graphics thẻ that you’re using on your computer. (The model has khổng lồ be the same).If you want to know your GPU Card, mở cửa the NVIDIA Control Panel.In the next step, select the GPU’s hàng hóa Series, sản phẩm Type, & Product.After that, you need lớn select your Operating System, Language, and tải về Type.
After choosing the required fields, click on the Start tìm kiếm button.It will xuất hiện the Driver Results Page, and in that, you can see all the driver versions.Now, choose the older driver version -> Click on the Get tải về to start the downloading process on your system.
If you see any confirmation window, click on the tải về Now -> Also, tap on the OK, Agree và Continue, và Next buttons.
By executing the above steps, the older version drivers will overwrite the currently-using driver version.Now, launch the trò chơi and check the A Supported trò chơi is Required to Use this Features error is fixed. 
One of the best tips that we can offer you lớn avoid this issue is downloading and installing the compatible & the latest drivers from the official manufacturer site of your Graphics Card. Don’t tăng cấp the đoạn clip drivers from any third-party sites because they will lead to these issues.Before downloading the game, kiểm tra whether your PC is fully compatible with the trò chơi to stay away from these errors.See the trò chơi requirements và install the required GPU thẻ to play it smoothly.

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Contact Official Support

This problem is very common to lớn those users who are playing Valorant and CS: GO games. & they have successfully solved this issue with the methods given in this article.Is the A Supported game is required lớn use this Feature error still occurring? Then the reason might be some other else. If you belong to this case, you have lớn uninstall & reinstall the game and see the issue is fixed.You can browse some famous forums và communities, including NVIDIA, Reddit, etc. Try installing another NVIDIA GPU card and check the problem occurs again.If nothing helps you, directly liên hệ the NVIDIA support Team and ask them khổng lồ provide any instructions lớn overcome this error. 

Final Words: Conclusion

In conclusion, I conclude that the NVIDIA users who engage with this problem have khổng lồ go through the above troubleshooting methods và execute them on their Windows PCs.If you have any doubts about this post or suggest anything, feel không lấy phí to contact us at any time. In case if you solved it with your own techniques, tóm tắt them with us khổng lồ assist several people who can’t solve it with our tricks.Not only that, but we are also here khổng lồ provide tips and tricks on other technical issues. Leave a message explaining the problem, and we will get in touch with you with the best methods.Finally, subscribe khổng lồ our blog lớn get notifications on the latest articles on various topics.

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